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Another Still Life

13 Песни 2012

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Lantern 1. Lantern Lyrics


(Pratā Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field/Pratā Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field)

There was a lantern
Hung in a tree
So full of fear
It could have been me
Dream tangerine
Showed us a way
I kissed a girl
I remember this day

I remember the summers
As we sing in the fall
Happy to be with you
Want to take you all
Sending love to the moonboy
From the birds of our hands
Sending love to the moonboy
From the marching band

Good spirit come
With the queen of clubs
Take us for a ride
On our magic bus
Walkman and watchman
They had a fight
Walkman beat a watchman
Now the bus takes flight

Europa 2. Europa Lyrics


(Pratā Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field/David Field)

Broken glass
Smoke and ash
Take you away through the underpass
The men outside look at you
And long to do what I’m going to

Laid bare
My old friend

Take off your clothes
Lay down your hair
Lie under the covers
Over there
Cities fall, cities burn
Men line up to take a turn


We look beneath the surface
We’ll tell you what we see
It is the same old story that
We see in history

The birds have flown and giants fall
Machines don’t run behind the wall
When something is born as the old ways burn
As sure as the tide it starts to turn

Oh, we stand, tired on our feet,
And we read the news, as paper blows down the street.

And we sing our sadness across the yards,
And we pray, we pray,
The future won't be so hard.

So Low Lullaby 3. So Low Lullaby Lyrics

So Low Lullaby

(Prāta Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field/Prāta Vētra,David Field, Will Taylor)

It is quarter to five
And I'm wide awake
When you're broken in dreams
There is nothing left to break
If I could drift away
For the rest of time
Or at least till morning
To escape tonightI look out my window
Stare out into the night
Catch the lonely glare
Of a neon light
I've run out of prayers
My beads on the floor
So, bring on the sunrise
I've been waiting for
There are so many stars in the night
But I can't see the one
While dark clouds cover the sky
Oh, I wait for the morning sun
For the morning sun
I'm halfway there
And I'm halfway here
Never too close
And never too near
With an empty look upon my face
I've been waiting for something
To fall into place
I'm halfway up
And I'm halfway down
With my head in the clouds
And feet on the ground
To stop this longing
But who do I pay?
When we were young
I heared somebody say
I wait for the sunrise , you see
And would you wait for sunrise with me
So low lullaby
So low lullaby...


Don't You Get It 4. Don't You Get It Lyrics

Don't You Get It

(Prāta Vētra, Ingars Viļums, Davif Field/Prāta Vētra, David Field)

If I knew the secret of Coca Cola
I would give away the recipe
If you're a gangster in a prison
I would send you an escape plan
I would do it through telepathy
All these things I have to give you
I am giving just to make you see
Don't you get it
Why don't you get it
It's beside me that you need to be 
I would change my decorations
Don't you get it
Why don't you get it
Just to know you feel ok on my stage
Don't you get it
Why don't you get it
And without any hesitation
Don't you get it
Why don't you get it
I would turn another page
Don't you get it
Why don't you get it 


Queen of England's Treasures 5. Queen of England's Treasures Lyrics

Queen of England's Treasures

(Pratā Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field/David Field)

In the storms of childhood
We ran down roads
It rained of frogs
It rained of toads

We held aloft
Our rods of steel
The lightning bolt
We hoped to feel

We run through nights
Deep beyond measure
And steel the Queen
Of Englands treasure

Above the roof tops
Above the trees
Escape the law
With careless ease
Only children have days like these

We take the jet’s tail
out of the sky
And tie a box
Of tiger’s eye

Come back Alladin,
come back please
Forgive, forgive the 40 thieves

We run through nights
Deep beyond measure
And steel the queen
Of England’s treasure

We climb and hide as we please
Escape the law with careless ease
Only children have days like these

Let’s illuminate
all our years
It gives us strength
Against our fears

Come back Alladin,
come back please
Forgive, forgive the 40 thieves
Only children have friends like these
Have friends like these..


Mēles 6. Mēles Lyrics


(Pratā Vētra, Ingars Viļums, David Field/Prāta Vētra)


Katrā pilsētā un mājā
Kur vien ļaudis sarunājas
Mēles raisās, mēles vijas
Kamēr saplūst vienā lielā mēlē
Kas kā strauts uz upi
Plūst un nekad neaizrijas
Nes tā tikai vienu vārdu
To, pēc kura visi tiecas
Dārgāka par kuru nava
Tas, kas apakšā, tas augšā
Plūst, lai tikai piepildītu
Vienu saules pilnu rītu
Acis aizveru un redzu
Ledus kalni kūst
Tūkstos saules spīd kā viena
Mīlestības upe plūst
Visas mēles, ja vien vēlies
Tevi sveiks pirms būsi cēlies
Visas mēles šajā spēlē
Visas Tev vien labu vēlē

Men of Snow 7. Men of Snow Lyrics

Men of Snow

(Prāta Vētra,Ingars Viļums,David Field,Harry Sever/David Field)

We are the people of snow
Oh, we know about the snow
We know something of the sun
But from the city of frost we come
We are the men of blankets
We are here to warm your sleep
When we walk in the streets
It's the stars that gives us heat
There is no law defines us
We are how we break what binds us
We are the men of snow
We have held you
Now, offwe go 


Violet 8. Violet Lyrics


(Prāta Vētra/David Filed)

Lovers scatered on the floor
Stolen time
Stolen Horse
Ride around fragrant room
Flower in bloom
Like a sigh to my naked eye
But my eyes are not shy
I want to see you
She comes softly like a breeze
Like a ghost
Falling leaves
Like the science after violence
In the last light of day
Violet plays
Violet plays
Through the window
Past the steering wheel
Beneath the knees
As the faithfull kneel
Riding inter-cities on the train
At the edge
Of the usual grey
Between the lines of poetry
In all the places spirits are seen


Another Still Life 9. Another Still Life Lyrics

Another Still Life

(Prāta Vētra, Ingars Viļums,David Field/David Field)

Late in the summer
The sun shines in my room
Surrounded in gold
The pink afternoon
A girl from the south
I kissed her mouth
A girl from the south
She smiles..
And the sun shined into my room
Stand back you're dropping a shadow
This is all that remained from you
About 4 o'clock in the summer
Stormy skies ever prairie
There is something to see
A walk to remember
Still water runs deep
A girl with the fan
She loves her man
A girl with a the fan
She smiles...


Knife 10. Knife Lyrics


(Prāta Vētra/David Field, Ingars Viļums)

Body was freezing
It was a surprise
The moment I looked
Straight in your eyes
Iron was melting
Fire burned
Reaching the point of no
Of no return
Blood in my veins
Stopped for a while
A way to the moon
Seemed just a mile
That was the first time
I know of in my life
The first time on highwire
The first time I walked a line
There's not much light
But I see cold and bright
My skin came alive
This will not change me
But things will not be the same
And now, that I've held you
I still cannot say your name
Blood in my veins
Stopped for a while
A way to the moon
Seemed just a mile
That was the first time
In my life
Oh, when I touched a


Part of the Sky 11. Part of the Sky Lyrics

Part of the Sky

(Prāta Vētra/David Field)

When we find love
We say to fall
Ever wondered why
It is called
Are we forever part of the sky
As we fall
Sound moves in waves
You can't count them all
I'll paint my story
I'll paint my life
On to my body
On to my skin
So you can read me
And you will know
It's safe within
Wherever you look
In the night
There is no dark
Just points of light
And as we lie here
The world makes a turn
It's safe within
It's safe within


Butterfly in a Bottle 12. Butterfly in a Bottle Lyrics

Butterfly in a Bottle

(Prāta Vētra/David Filed)

Come and walk with me
Come and walk with me
I am not the man I used to be
When the dream has died
Like a butterfly
Locked in a jar
In a bottle
In a bottle 
Magic carpet rise
In countryside
And milky way
And luna day
Let us play
Let us play
Here with me
You still move me
Here with me 


Flashlight 13. Flashlight Lyrics


Somewhere in the darkness
Hiding away from the cold wind's blowing
Deep in the silence
Deep in the heart of a never-knowing
You could be a flashlight
Or a candle dancing on the breeze
As bright as the floodlight
As clear as the hook in a sweet serenade
But you'll never know it
How bright you shone for me tonight
My poor little flashlight
I turn you on when the sun goes down on me
Somewhere in the darkness
Buried in the silence of a snowstorm
I see a little glimmer
Shimmering a vaccume of my memory
Be my little flashlight
Be the spotlight on the lonley stage
Moonlight on water
As clear as the hook in a sweet serenade
Oh, my litttle flashlight,
Shine your light on everything
Live, little spotlight,
You're brighter now than anything

Brighter than any thing

Somewhere in the darkness
Shines a little light on a blue horizon
Under the covers
Under the light of a thousand colors
Be my little flashlight
My shadow falls against the wall
See a little starlight
You found me now and you heard my call
You still little flashlight
Be my friend
Be my friend
before the dawn
I'll hold you inside me
Till the moon has gone and the sunlight comes
Till the sunlight comes
Till the sunlight comes
Till the sunlight
Till the sunlight comes