30 Jan 2019

“Music video of 2018” nomination at “Golden Microphone 2019” awards

On July 2, less than three weeks before the launch of their 2018 summer tour, BrainStorm released a music video for the song “Ogles” from their new album “Par to zēnu, kas sit skārda bungas”. The video was viewed more than 100,000 times on the first day, and currently the number of views exceeds 2 million. Now the music video for “Ogles” has been nominated for a “Golden Microphone 2019” music award in the category “Music video of 2018”.


The video was shot on the territory of the Riga Shipyard in Vecmīlgrāvis and making it was a real adventure – the construction of an impressive installation resembling the board game “Snakes and Ladders”, several days of filming, challenging camera work on a barge and amazing acrobatics of the actors when realising the vision of the director. The graphical work was also excellent, bringing to life the characters of “Snakes and Ladders” and immersing one completely in the reality of the game.

Aivars Čivželis, known as PapaChi, was entrusted with directing the video, and he once again took on the challenge of turning BrainStorm’s song into a visual story: “This is a common story from our lives. A girl form the board game “Snakes and Ladders” invites a boy into her life. One can see that the girl is very familiar with this game, called life, as “Snakes and Ladders” is her environment, while it is much harder for the boy. He climbs up the ladders, then falls down, returns to the beginning and tries again… The band plays the role of fate in the music video, directing the lives of these people by rolling dice. Because life is a game and the game is life!”

The team that created the music video:

Director: Papa Chi

DOP: Jānis Andrejevs

Producer: Kristele Pudane

Graphics: Juris Matuzelis (Pepe FX)

Creative Director: Antons Ugrjumovs

Editing: Gatis Belogrudovs

Costume Designer: Kristīne Cakare

Make-up: Emīlija Eglīte

Photo: Reinis Brūvelis & BrainStorm Management

The winners of the “Golden Microphone 2019” awards will be announced on February 12, at a ceremony at the Daile Theatre. BrainStorm has been nominated in four categories in total: “Music video of 2018 “, “Live record of 2018”, “Pop-music album of 2018” and “Origo song of 2018”.

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