28 Feb 2022

Dear friends, listeners of BrainStorm!

Although we have always tried to be apolitical, this moment demands a strong position. We strongly condemn the Kremlin's aggression and stand up for Ukraine's freedom and sovereignty. We admire the courage and self-denial of Ukrainians in defending their land and very much sympathize with the all the Ukrainian people. Україно, ми з тобою і молимося за тебе!

We also feel empathy towards those friends and fans of BrainStorm from Russia who write us that they feel deep shame and despair about what is happening and that one aggressive dictator can put the future of the whole nation and Russia in an unenviable situation. We are with you too.

We would like to emphasize once again that all the planned spring concerts in Russia have been canceled. Any future plans in a war situation are also simply non-negotiable.

Without losing faith that light will triumph over darkness,

Your BrainStorm