15 May 2019

“Te saule aust” – a new single from Instrumenti and BrainStorm

A new single will debut on May 15 – a collaboration between the band Instrumenti and BrainStorm titled “Te saule aust”, from the Instrumenti latest album “Cilvēks

“Our friendship and kinship of souls with Šipītis, Reinis and Gatis has resulted in a collaboration. It is a very powerful song by Reinis with lyrics by Māris Melgalvs. “We still have a song to sing, we better make no excuses”. There are things that are meant to happen. There are songs that must be sung. Boldly, with a head held high,” Renārs Kaupers shares his thoughts. 


Composers: Reinis Sējāns, Jānis Jubalts, Māris Mihelsons, Kaspars Roga and Renārs Kaupers

Lyrics: Māris Melgalvs

Video directors: Papa Chi and Kaspars Roga

Camera operator: Jānis Andrējevs

Producer: Ināra Šumeiko, FilmNaked

The first live performance of the song will be given on the evening of May 15, during the presentation of the Instrumenti latest album [Tickets] at the Zuzuem art centre. “Te saule aust” is also available on the most popular music streaming services:

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2KC0zMx

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2KqvMpW

Look behind the scenes of the making of the video!

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