15 Aug 2018


This Friday, on 17 August, BrainStorm’s “Skārda bungu tūre” tour will come to a close with the gig at the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage in Riga.

LOCATION. Mežaparks Open-Air Stage


Via www.ekase.lv,from the information centre at the Spice Shopping Centre, and from the BrainStorm Pop-up store at Strēlnieku iela 1.

Price EUR 25. Ticket price on the day of the concert EUR 30.

On the day of the concert, the box office at the entrance to the venue will be open from 14:00.

In the case that the concert is sold out, no tickets will be available at the entrance.

The Fan area tickets and the VIP tickets are sold out.

Children younger than 6 years old (inclusive), accompanied by their parents, can attend the concert free of charge.

In the concert territory visitors will have to pay cash for purchases but some sales points will also accept payment cards.

For those who managed to buy tickets for the Fan area or for the VIP area but are not able to attend the concert for some reason, eKase offers their new service eKase+that lets you safely and quickly sell your tickets, thus giving someone else an opportunity to attend the concert!


Entrance to the concert territory from 17:00.

Special guests: the band Sudden Lights 19:00.

Special guests: the band The Royal Concept (Sweden) 20:00.

BrainStorm 21:00

Please arrive at the concert location in timely fashion and be patient! Everything takes a longer time at concerts that attract a lot of visitors, for example, the checking of tickets and belongings, purchase of food and drinks etc.


ENTRANCEto the concert territory will be possible through Gates 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10.

Concert visitors with a Disabled person’s ticket may use Gate 5.

Concert visitors with a VIP ticket may use Gates 4, 7, and 9.



All concerts of the “Skārda bungu tūre” provide a special FAN AREA at the front of the stage. It is divided into side A and B; both are identical. Please follow the entrance signs to the fan area and arrive at the fan area in a timely manner.

It is prohibited to bring alcoholic drinks into the fan area.



Where possible, please travel to the concert on foot, by bicycle or by public transportation.


If you are planning to travel by bicycle, you will be able to leave it in the ERGO bicycle parking (at Gate 7). However, the number of bicycle parking spots is limited, therefore we suggest that you book yours beforehand at:



Both before and afterthe concert, additional No. 11 trams will be organised to accommodate concertgoers.

According to Riga City Council rules, “Rīgas Satiksme” will provide free public transport during Riga Festival, which starts on 18 August, therefore passengers who use the tram services after midnight will not be charged for the trip.


Concert visitors need to take into consideration that parking at the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage and nearby will be limited.



The section on Meža prospekts, between Siguldas and Inčukalna iela, will be closed to traffic from 16:00 on 17 August until 01:00 on 18 August.

Please take into consideration that due to Riga Festival, the section on 11.novembra krastmala, between Akmens Bridge and Muitas iela will be closed to traffic from 5:00 on 16 August until 15:00 on 20 August, making it more difficult to reach Mežaparks from the Pārdaugava area.

For more information, please visit: https://www.rigassvetki.lv/2018/lv/page/item/satiksmes-ierobezojumi/34/


PROHIBITED ITEMS AT THE CONCERT: umbrellas, selfie sticks, photo and video equipment stands, folding chairs, food and drinks, professional photo, video and audio equipment (except with special permission from the event organisers), guns, sharp objects, pyrotechnics, laser pens, dangerous substances and objects, motorcycle helmets, skateboards and other active sports gear, pets.

Entering with baby strollers is allowed. For safety reasons, during the concert it is forbidden to stay in the middle of the crowd or in front of the stage with baby strollers. Bringing baby food in its original packaging and baby drink (except for hot water) in a baby bottle into the concert territory is allowed.


TAKE INTO CONSIDERATIONthat without the permission of the organisers it is prohibited to use purchased tickets as awards in contests as well as in branded ads, and that publishing a full-length audio/video recording of a song in the media (including social accounts) without permission is prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement.

Visitors of the event agree that they may be filmed and photographed. The footage may be broadcasted, reproduced and distributed without limitations.

The supporters of BrainStorm: Riga City Council, Ergo, Neste,DSV,Citroen, SC Spice, Samsung Galaxy S9, CleanR, and eKase.lv
Information: Radio SWH,TV3, Delfi, Diena and OK! Magazine


Concert tour organiser: SIA “Prāta Vētras skaņu ierakstu kompānija”

Ticket sales: SIA “EKASE”


Infoline: 67334495