17 Jul 2023

Important information for Liepaja concert attendees

On July 22, the group "Brainstorm" will conclude their two-year concert tour "Year Without a Calendar" at the Daugava Stadium in Liepāja.

As before, this year's concert in Liepāja is organized with responsible use of natural resources in mind. In collaboration with the sustainability partner of the concert tour, "Neste," the group encourages attendees to digitally store their purchased concert tickets on their smart devices and present them digitally at the entrance instead of printing them. Deposit drink cups and waste sorting points will be available at the event. Additionally, the more environmentally friendly "Neste MY" renewable diesel fuel will be used for electricity production, and there will be a bicycle parking area provided by the insurance and technology company "Balcia" near the concert venue in Liepāja.


The group invites concert attendees to familiarize themselves with the latest information about the concert at the Daugava Stadium in Liepāja:


Concert tickets can still be purchased at the eKase.lv ticket sales website, the TC Spice information center in Riga, and the Lielais Dzintars concert hall in Liepāja. Ticket prices start at 48 EUR.

On the day of the concert, the price of parking tickets at the Daugava Stadium in Liepāja, near the 1st entrance gate, will be 50 EUR. The ticket booth will open at 16:00. The number of available tickets is limited.

Children up to 6 years old (including) can enter the concert accompanied by their parents free of charge (without occupying a separate seat). From the age of 7, a ticket is required.

Tickets can be presented in either digital form on mobile devices or as printed tickets. The ticket will not be valid for re-entry to the concert area.

Cash payment will be accepted at the concert venue, and payment cards will also be accepted at selected retail locations.


Entry to the concert area will begin at 18:00. The concert will start at 20:00. The special guest of the concert is pop and hip-hop artist Būū.

Please arrive on time and be patient. Events with large attendance take more time, such as ticket and baggage checks, food and beverage purchases, etc.


Entry to the concert area is through gates 1 and 6. Gate 1 is located at the main entrance of the stadium, which can be reached by walking from Peldu Street and Rožu Street. Gate 6 is on the seaside and can be reached by walking from Peldu Street and entering the seaside entrance.

Ukrainian guests are invited to use the marked lanes with Ukrainian flags.

Exit after the concert will be through gates 1, 3, and 6.


For Balcia VIP Lounge ticket holders, entry is through the VIP entrance at gate 6, where they will receive the Balcia VIP Lounge pass. Balcia VIP Lounge ticket holders can also use gate 1 for entry, receiving the Balcia VIP Lounge pass at the security stands near the Balcia VIP Lounge area.

Balcia VIP Lounge ticket holders can park their vehicles on Miķeļa Valtera Street by presenting their VIP PARKING ticket, with access from Peldu Street.


Reserved wheelchair spaces are located near the H tribune on the left side of the stage. Entry is through gate 1.


The fan zone is located in front of the stage. It is divided into Zone A (left side of the stage) and Zone B (right side of the stage). Both zones are identical. Directions can be found near the stage and on the screens. We encourage fans to go to the fan zone on time, as it can be difficult to reach once the concert starts.

Bringing alcoholic beverages and food into the fan zone is prohibited.


We recommend exploring options for convenient transportation to the Daugava Stadium in Piejūras Park—walking, cycling, scooters, personal vehicles, or using public transportation such as buses and trains. Please consider that a large number of spectators will be heading to the stadium, so allow extra time for transportation to the concert.

In cooperation with AS "Pasažieru vilciens," a train will operate on the concert day from Riga to Liepāja and return. On July 22, the train will depart from Riga at 13:49 with the following stops:
Torņakalns at 13:54 - Olaine at 14:08 - Cena at 14:17 - Cukurfabrika at 14:21 - Jelgava at 14:25 - Glūda at 14:43 - Dobele at 14:54 - Biksti at 15:14 - Brocēni at 15:35 - Saldus at 15:45 - Skrunda at 16:10 - Kalvene at 16:31 - Ilmāja at 16:39 - Tore at 16:54 - Liepāja at 17:07.

After the concert, on July 23, a train will depart from Liepāja at 1:15 with the following stops:
Tore at 1:29 - Ilmāja at 1:43 - Kalvene at 1:51 - Skrunda at 2:09 - Saldus at 2:34 - Brocēni at 2:41 - Biksti at 3:01 - Dobele at 3:24 - Glūda at 3:36 - Jelgava at 3:50 - Cukurfabrika at 3:57 - Cena at 4:02 - Olaine at 4:09 - Torņakalns at 4:24 - Riga at 4:28.

The train schedule from July 13 will be available on the AS "Pasažieru vilciens" website www.pv.lv and the mobile application.

Additional trips are also planned in the intercity bus schedules.

Bicycles and other means of transportation (scooters, personal electric scooters, and their helmets) can be parked at the specially designated Balcia City Combo parking area near gate 1, coming from Peldu Street.

Concert attendees should note that parking personal vehicles near the stadium will be challenging. An hour after the concert ends, traffic in the vicinity of the stadium may be restricted or closed to ensure the safe exit of pedestrians from the concert area.

To avoid obstructing traffic in Liepāja, please do not park cars in front of driveways or in residential courtyard areas. Make sure your vehicle does not block access roads or gates.

In cooperation with the official transportation provider of the tour, "City Bee," we recommend using "City Bee" car-sharing vehicles from other cities to travel to the concert. The cars can be parked in the designated "City Bee" zones in Liepāja, which can be seen in the "City Bee" application here. For the first trip, there is a 7 EUR gift from the group using the code "PV7."


To provide Liepāja residents and city visitors with a convenient way to return home, accommodation places, or Liepāja Railway Station after the concert, additional public transportation trips will be available.

Trams and buses will depart from the "Pētertirgus" bus stop on K. Valdemāra Street, next to the city council. Concert attendees can reach the mentioned bus stop from the Daugava Stadium by walking along Rožu Street to the K. Valdemāra Street bus stop.

Public transport services after the concert will start shortly before midnight. Trams on the "Pētertirgus-Mirdzas Ķempes iela" route will depart at 23:41, 23:52, 23:59, 00:04, and 00:14. On the "Pētertirgus-Stacija" route, trams will depart at 00:11, 00:23, 00:28, 00:33, and 00:39. For the convenience of concert attendees and city visitors, a special train has been scheduled from Liepāja to Riga at 1:15 at night (from Riga, the train departs at 13:49, and it arrives in Liepāja at 17:07).

Buses from the "Pētertirgus" bus stop on K. Valdemāra Street will start running at 00:00, and vehicles will depart every five minutes until 00:20. The buses will operate on the "Pētertirgus-Krūmu iela-Slimnīca" and "Pētertirgus-Oskara Kalpaka iela-Pulkveža Brieža iela" routes. In total, there will be 10 trips, five in each direction.

Buses and trams will stop at all designated stops to allow passengers to get off.

For travel on Liepāja's public transport during the concert, monthly pass tickets for daily travel and single-journey tickets will be valid. Passengers are advised to purchase their tickets in advance at retail locations such as "Maxima," "Top!," "Lats," Liepāja Bus Station ticket office, etc. The list of retail locations can be found here: https://liepajastransports.lv/lv/tirdzniecibas-vietas


To avoid traffic congestion in the city and near the concert venue, we recommend leaving vehicles at the accommodation or using one of the city's free parking lots.

Following the signs on the city streets, drivers will have the opportunity to park their vehicles in one of the six free parking lots:
  • LOC Liepājas Olimpiskā centra parking lot (30 minutes on foot to the concert venue, the option to take the tram to the "Pētertirgus" stop),
  • Annas Market Square (30 minutes on foot to the concert venue, the option to take the tram to the "Pētertirgus" stop or take the No. 6 bus to the "Jēkaba Janševska iela" stop),
  • Lielais Dzintars Concert Hall parking lot (20 minutes on foot to the concert venue),
  • Liepāja Theater parking lot (20 minutes on foot to the concert venue),
  • Parking lot near Loču Tower (17 minutes on foot to the concert venue),
  • Roņu Street parking lot (15 minutes on foot to the concert venue).

For VIP ticket holders, vehicles can be parked on Miķeļa Valtera Street and at the end of Kūrmajas prospekts. Entry to the VIP parking zone is organized from Peldu Street.

Visitors arriving in Liepāja by car are encouraged to park their cars at the Annas Market Square parking lot, parking lots near Liepāja Olimpiskais Centrs and Liepāja Theater, as well as the Lielais Dzintars Concert Hall parking lot, and proceed to the concert venue on foot or by tram.


The following items are prohibited: umbrellas, selfie sticks, camera and video equipment tripods, foldable chairs, food and beverages, professional photo, video, and audio equipment (except with special permission from the event organizer), firearms, sharp objects, pyrotechnics, laser pens, dangerous substances and objects, helmets, skateboards, and other active sports equipment, large backpacks, animals.

Entry to the concert area with baby strollers is allowed. Due to safety reasons, it is prohibited to be in the crowd and/or in front of the stage with baby strollers during the concert. It is allowed to bring baby food in its original packaging and beverages in baby bottles (except hot water).


The insurance and technology company "Balcia" offers concert attendees the opportunity to test their luck in the game "Spin and Win for All!" Concert attendees are invited to download the "Balcia" application on their smart devices in advance (via the app store or Google Play store), register, and spin the wheel of fortune from 18:00 to 22:30 during the concert. Participants have the chance to win free drinks, "Balcia" insurance products, or valuable souvenirs from the band.

The first 5000 concert attendees will receive special "Prāta Vētra" and "Balcia" souvenir drink glasses, which can be used to enjoy refreshing beverages during the concert and kept as a memento of the evening spent together in Liepāja.


It is forbidden to use concert tickets as prizes in contests and brand advertisements without permission from the organizers. The audio/video recording of songs in full length in the media (including social media accounts) without permission is prohibited and considered a copyright violation.

By attending the event, attendees agree to be filmed and photographed. The captured material may be broadcasted, reproduced, and distributed without restrictions.

Smoking is prohibited in the event area, except in designated areas outside the spectator zone. The smoking ban applies to all types of cigarettes, including e-cigarettes, vape devices, IQOS, Salt, etc.

The concert is presented by "Balcia" insurance, supported by TC "Spice," sustainability partner "Neste," news portal Delfi.lv, TV3 Group, "Dienas Mediji," magazine "Pastaiga," Radio TEV, and Liepāja City. Technological partners are Samsung and LMT, the official transportation provider is "DSV," and "City Bee." You can follow the daily behind-the-scenes of "Prāta Vētra" on the band's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Event organizers: SIA "Prāta Vētras skaņu ierakstu kompānija" and SIA "Ekase." Ticket sales: SIA "Ekase." Information: 67334495, info@ekase.lv, www.ekase.lv.