12 Apr 2018

BrainStorm has shot a music video on the International Space Station!

BrainStorm for many years remaining the key rock artist of the Baltic States, decided to expand the boundaries of their creativity beyond the limits of the action of gravity, shooting some parts of their new music video for the song "Wonderful Day" on the International Space Station (ISS). Roskosmos cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, who was at that time in the second space expedition in his life, acted as the video operator and main actor. It all started with an occasional correspondence, while Sergey was in orbit, exchanging letters and test videos, and ended up with a meeting on the ground and shooting the clip in Tallinn and Moscow.

BrainStorm: "We remember the moment precisely when we saw the very first test video, shot by Sergey with the text of our song, which he printed at the station in space for almost five hours! When you hear your song outside the atmosphere and see how it is performed by someone in real weightlessness, and the words of your newly composed composition literally "hover" in space - the pulse begins to rapidly increase! It's funny that Sergeiy was able to print and shoot only the first verse of the song because he had to prepeare for his landing and we came up with a continuation of the story that was filmed in the stunningly beautiful theater of Russian drama in Tallinn, as well as in Moscow, where our first meeting on the earth took place. As a result, it turned out even more interesting than was originally planned. Sergey is incredibly warmhearted, interesting and open person and we were happy to meet him and shake his hand. "

The premiere of the video is today, 12th of April, that is also known as the International Cosmonautics Day! You can watch it on the official YouTube channel and Facebook page of BrainStorm.

The new album of BrainStorm that will also include the song “Wonderful Day” will be released on April 25th. You can listen to it in all the digital platforms. Artwork for the album is made by the legendary photographer and director, as well as good friend of BrainStorm - Anton Corbijn.