14 Feb 2019

BrainStorm receives two Golden Microphones

The 23rd annual “Golden Microphone” music awards were presented at the Daile Theatre on February 12. BrainStorm added two more awards to their collection of 33 Golden Microphones in the categories “Live record of 2018” (final concert of the Skārda bungu tūre) and “Music video of 2018” (song “Ogles”).

The concluding concert of the Skārda bungu tūre was recorded at the Grand Mezparks stage in Riga, where BrainStorm gathered a record 60,000 people. The 2h 45min long live concert video takes viewers back to the evening of August 17, when BrainStorm performed a grandiose 29 song programme together with guest artists Ingars Vilums, Povel Olsson, Magnus Nilsson and the band The Royal Concept, Deniss Paskevics, Nellija Bubujanca, Arstarulsmirus, Marina Kravets, the BrainStorm Ghospel Choir, opening act Sudden Lights, as well as their collaborators on the hit “Debesis iekrita” Musiqq. The live show featured animations by PapaChi and Kaspars Roga on huge screens and was concluded by an epic performance of “Tu izvēlējies palikt” with a breath-taking fireworks display above the Grand Mezparks stage.


Director of the live concert video: Kaspars Roga

Editing Director: Juris Matuzelis

Cinematographer: Mantas Šatkus

Audio mixing: Didzis Simanovičs

Audio signal editing: Ingars Viļums

Sound Master: Andis Ansons

Audio signal recording: Gints Pelcbergs, Didzis Simanovičs

The live concert video is available in DVD format on www.Ekase.lv!

Producer of the song “Ogles”: Povel Olsson (Sweden)

Publisher: Prāta Vētras skaņu ierakstu kompānija

More information about the song “Ogles” available [here].


Fragments form the live concert video available on BrainStorm’s [YouTube channel]

Latvian, English and Russian versions of the songs can be listened to not only on radio, but also on all digital streaming services:

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2KC0zMx

Deezer: https://bit.ly/2MGLom7

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2KqvMpW

Photos: Jānis Spigovskis, DIENA

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