30 Jul 2018

BrainStorm rocked the Dīvaliņa meadows

BrainStorm’s “Skārda bungu tūre” tour is in full swing and on Saturday, 28 July, it delighted Valmiera City and its many guests with a very moving gig. This time, in order to have space for everyone, the gig took place in the spacious Dīvaliņa meadow, with its colossal oak trees creating a truly magical atmosphere.

“It was wonderful that the BrainStorm gig coincided with the celebration of Valmiera’s 735th anniversary, with the resulting festive atmosphere creating an especially touching gig” says Aija Auškāpa, the General Manager of BrainStorm.

As usual, BrainStorm had some surprises up their sleeves. After their gig in Jelgava, a lot of fans expressed their desire to have heard a performance of the popular song “Spogulīt, spogulīt”. The musicians took this request into account and in Valmiera this hit was performed by Jānis Jubalts and was received with genuine delight. This time, the special guests were the saxophonist and jazz artist Deniss Paškevičs who performed a virtuoso solo, and Arstarulsmirus who captivated fans with the “Tur kaut kam ir jābūt” composition. The stage in Valmiera also saw the band “Sudden Lights” who were the special guests of the tour, the BrainStorm Gospel Choir and Povel Olsson and Magnus Nilsson, guest musicians from Sweden.

After the first two gigs of the tour, fans have commented enthusiastically on the video graphics shown on the big screens. They were created by Papa Chi, the BrainStorm music video director, and the band’s drummer Kaspars Roga, who together with their team spent nearly 3 months creating this video content, also involving other members of the band as actors.

In less than a week, the next gig of the “Skārda bungu tūre” tour will take place in Reņķa dārzs in Ventspils on 3 August, then on 11 August in Daugavpils, and finally the tour will be concluded on 17 August in the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage, in Riga.

Tickets to the concerts are available viawww.ekase.lv, or from the information centre at the Spice shopping centre, and from local box offices at the Culture Centres in various towns. Supporters of the tour: Neste, ERGO, eKase.lv, Karlo Motors, Samsung Galaxy S9, Mītavas alus, CleanR, s/c Spice, DSV. Media supporters: Delfi, TV3, Radio SWH, the newspaper Diena and OK! magazine.

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