22 Jul 2019

BrainStorm thanks for the warm welcome in Liepaja

On the evening of July 20, the concluding concert of BrainStorm’s “Skarda bungu” tour took place at Liepaja’s Daugava arena, packed with 28,000 listeners.

“In 1989, when the band BrainStorm was formed, arenas and hundreds of thousands of listeners seemed like a distant dream, which has come true tonight in front of all our eyes,” said Renars reminding again that it is worth believing in one’s dreams and expressing the most heartfelt gratitude to the parents, families and everyone who have supported BrainStorm in this 30-year-long musical journey.    

The show’s extensive program had plenty of surprises – the new collaboration between BrainStorm and Instrumenti “Te saule aust”, Aija Andrejeva’s powerful “Ja tikai uz mani Tu paskatītos” in combination with the superhit “Mēs pārejam uz Tu”, followed by Arstarulsmirus’ composition “Tur kaut kam ir jābūt” enhanced by a tearfully moving Imants Kalnins’ leitmotif from the film “Blow, wind” performed by the talented guitarist Uldis Beitins. Uldis joined BrainStorm together with the producer of the album “Par to zēnu, kas sit skārda bungas” Povel Olsson form Sweden and Deniss Pashkevich – Povel’s percussions and Deniss’ saxophone and flute solos again confirmed that “happiness is here and now”.

On behalf of our entire team I say a huge thanks to the city of Liepaja for such a warm welcome and to all the guests of the concert for such powerful emotions. You were great,” Aija Auškāpa expresses her gratitude.

The team will not have much time to rest, as very soon the band will go on tour to the faraway China. Follow the news about the band’s journey in China on BrainStorm’s social media accounts.

Our gratitude to the concert’s friends and supporters: the city of Liepaja, Neste, Ergo, eKase.lv, Citroen and Karlo Motors, Samsung Galaxy S10, DSV, and S/C Spice. Information support: Delfi, TV3, Radio SWH, newspaper Diena and OK! magazine.