01 Jan 2019

BrainStorm concludes the year with a concert in Australia

What a great ending to a wonderful year! Brainstorm elatedly performed its final concert in 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. It was a long-awaited event and turned out to be especially sincere and touching, as it gathered Latvians from across Australia – form Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities. This time the playlist included a song which usually is not performed in concerts – “Joka pēc Alfabēts”, and Renars invited the children present to sing with him on stage. As one lady noted after the concert, thanks to Inga Sproge and Renars Kaupers “Joka pēc alfabēts” Latvian children in Australia learn the Latvian alphabet with great joy and interest – the song’s popularity among children is immeasurable.

After the event, invitations to visit Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil and New Zealand flooded the social networks. This suggests that the travels around the world that began this year could continue also next year, expanding the geography of Brainstorm’s concerts.

At the end of the event the guys congratulated each other for an outstanding year, thanked the team and management for their work and wished everyone a great start to the New Year. The Brainstorm team will start the year with a short rest, but will return to work in late January, recording new songs, filming videos and touring.

Beautiful New Year to everyone!

Brainstorm concert at Norwood Concert Hall, December 29. Photo: Andrejs Jaudzems

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