06 Sep 2019

A Postcard from China

Based on our activity on Social profiles, you already may have noticed that this Summer we have visited China. But the thing that you may not know yet is a fact that this trip has not only provided the whole BrainStorm team a wealth of new impressions and inspirations for new feats, but already has brought its first fruits.

Today we are excited to announce that in collaboration with Chinese hip-hop artist BigYear 大年 (DaNian) we just have released a brand new version of “Na Zare” song. It just came out in China and now is also available to be enjoyed in the leading music streaming platforms around the world. The song had its premiere at Chengdu Music Festival where BrainStorm performed on three different stages 3 nights in a row. The opening ceremony of the Festival, an ancient Chinese Traditional Open-air opera stage in Tiexiangsi Shuijie Park, and the Closing concert of the Chengdu Festival were the locations. 

Let us introduce our collaboration artist BigYear: he is a young musician known for his unique style and voice. Back in China BigYear is also famous for his energetic way of performance. Our Chinese version of Na Zare can be listened to on major Chinese digital platforms such as NetEase Music, QQ Music, Xiami Music, as well as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other music streaming channels worldwide.

The story behind “Na Zare” starts with the Russian group "Альянс". Soon after the release the song eventually turned into a superhit of the 70s. However, thanks to the talented Russian writer, playwright and actor Yevgeny Grishkovets since the 2008 this song has experienced a rebirth and now can be recognized as one of the BrainStorm's songs that is also widely beloved by the fans. In the beginning of this year in Moscow we were honored to perform “Na Zare” together with the soloist of the legendary group "Альянс" Igor Zhuravlov, and Alexander Petrov (sashapetrov.ru. @Actorsashapetrov), one of the most talented Russian film and theater actors of today , who composed the original verses in Russian and also took the floor performing his lines together with Renārs.

The video accompanying the song is a brief introduction to our trip to China's fifth largest city, Chengdu 成都. The city is famous for its forests full of pandas, the Sichuan hot-pot and its very spicy ingredients, and more than 14 million kind and hospitable people living there. Such fusion of local cultural qualities reminded us of how actually unessential it is to share the same spoken language to understand each other. There is a way beyond that!

BrainStorm is grateful for the support to the Latvian Embassy in China, Chengdu festival’s organizers and volunteers, and our friend and interpreter Andreja 紫 玥 丁 for their care and hospitality!


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