12 Oct 2018

Brainstorm’s “Skarda bungu ture” live concert video to be released next week

The outstanding final show of the “Skarda bungu ture” at the Grand Mezparks stage in Riga has been captured in a 2h 45min long live performance video “Prāta Vētra. Skārda bungu tūre. Koncerts Rīgā, Mežaparka Lielajā estrādē 17.08.2018”, which will be available for viewing for free exclusively on the LMT Smart Television and downloadable form Vimeo.com starting from October 16 and in DVD format from November 15.

The live concert video, directed by Brainstorm’s drummer Kaspars Roga, with Juris Matuzelis as Editing Director, features 29 songs performed by Brainstorm and guest musicians Povel Olsson and Magnus Nilsson from Sweden, Marina Kravets (“Kak ja iskal Tebja”) from Russia, Arstarulsmirus (“Tur kaut kam ir jābūt”), Musiqq (“Debesis iekrita Tevī”), a gospel choir, as well as the show’s special guest Maestro Raimonds Pauls (“Virši zied” un “Lidmašīnas”).

The concert, seen live by more than 60,000 people, is memorable with its impressive stage and scenography, top-quality sound and viewer-appreciated music video decorations. “This was a musically and visually challenging adventure all summer long. I think we have managed to capture and record at least some of the feeling also in video format!” says Kaspars Roga. “We see from the LMT Straume live broadcasts and videos on LMT Smart Television that live shows are very popular content also when viewed remotely,” reveals LMT Vice President Ingmārs Pūķis. “Of course, Brainstorm beats all the records.”

We present for your appreciation the first sample – the video of the songs “Šokolādes saldējums” and “Paralēles”, made unforgettable by Nelli Bubujanca’s percussions, Deniss Paškevičs’ saxophone solo and the backing vocals of the charming Trio Gabriēla, Linda and Una. Musicians of Brainstorm – Renārs Kaupers, Jānis Jubalts, Māris Mihelsons, Kaspars Roga and Ingars Viļums – express their gratitude to all who took part in this grand project and in the making of the recording of the live performance.

For more information on where to view the video of the live show follow the news on LMT and “Brainstorm” social media accounts.

Publisher of the live concert video: “Prāta Vētras skaņu ierakstu kompānija”.