14 Nov 2017

"My Mind's So Lost (On You)" new single out now!

“My Mind’s So Lost (On You)” is the first international single from BrainStorm’s upcoming album that is planned to be released spring 2018.
The song is written in a collaboration with swedish artists and producers Povel Olsson and David Larsson who also are in the writing team for the new album.

Lead singer Renars Kaupers comments on the song:
“The general idea of the song comes from our guitar player Magic. He had chosen a poem “Black Crow” by great Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis and made a song which numerous times was recorded and rearranged later. And that happened even before we started to work on it as a band together with Povel and David. This song really has transformed a lot since it's first version.
Talking about lyrics - this song could be about a man and a woman - two colleagues in the office, for example. And they both have families, but they both love each other dearly. This platonic love and is so important for both of them just to see each other and be besides, not even having a touch or talking out their relationships. And then one day, she is gone. Changed a job or something else, and the man is desperate, as those moments 'just being besides' had become essential for him.”

For the artwork of the new album the band ones again worked together with the talented photographer and director Anton Corbijn. The shooting happened in Riga and the cover photo of the song “My Mind’s So Lost (On You)” is one of the first published pictures from this shooting session.

While working on their album BrainStorm is currently touring Russia, playing 10 shows in the biggest cities. Also planned is a spring tour in England, Lithuania and Estonia. And a summer tour with 5 shows at their home – Latvia. Last local tour gathered up to 100 000 people and it always turns out to be a big celebration.

From 14th of November you can stream the song in all of the streaming services and bands YouTube channel.