01 May 2019

Kaspars Roga documentary “Meklējot Mr. Kauliņu” to premiere in May

Documentary film “Meklējot Mr. Kauliņu”, directed by musician, drummer for the band BrainStorm and music video director Kaspars Roga, will premiere at the movie theatre Forum Cinemas on May 8. It is a story about his friend Guntars Klavins, the behind-the-scenes goings-on in the diamond business, its splendour and horror, and a real friendship. The film will be available in cinemas across Latvia on May 10.

The film tells the story of Guntars Kļaviņš, also known as Mr. Kauliņš, a financier and charming connoisseur of life. When his business goes bankrupt, he disappears without a trace, leaving his relatives and friends completely in the dark about his whereabouts. Among them is his best friend Kaspars Roga, who takes it upon himself to find out what happened with Kauliņš. Several years later Roga finds him in Sierra Leone, Africa, where Kauliņš has launched another of his dangerous ventures – a search for diamonds.

“I hope that with this film I and my excellent team will have managed to convey to the viewers at least a small part of the adventures I've had and make them consider things like real friendship, money, diamonds and their abstract dazzle, search for the meaning of life and the common man, who is trying to find his true self in all of it,” director Kaspars Roga comments on the film.

The method used in the film is close to that of the fiction film genre and viewers will not feel the presence of the cameraman, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the adventure and the drama of Kauliņš’ life. Until now, the world of diamonds has been quite closed off to film crews, but Kaspars Roga’s friendship with Guntars will serve as a pass to access its previously unseen features. Kaspars is not a random character in the story. He will bring the viewers along on the adventure, being very familiar with Guntars and involving many financiers of the diamond business in Latvia. Unfortunately, they have lost all their money. And so has Kaspars. But this story is not about money, but about friendship and the things that are much more valuable than what we can buy in a store.

Trailer of the film: https://vimeo.com/330387605

Films’s creative team:

Director: Kaspars Roga

Producers: Undīne Buka un Sandijs Semjonovs

Editing Director : Audinga Kučinskaite

Camera operator: Jānis Andrējevs

Film company: SKUBA films and ZORGE Cinema

The film was made with the support of the National Film Centre of Latvia.

Informative supporters: “Apollo”,“9 vīri”.

Meklējot Mr. Kauliņu” will be available in cinemas across Latvia starting from May 10!

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