12 Apr 2018

A new song and music video!

Today, on April 12th, the band "Prāta Vētra" (BrainStorm) releases a new single - the title track from the upcoming album "Par to zēnu, kas sit skārda bungas" (About the boy who plays the thin drum).

"This is almost like kind of a Spring wake-up call. At least for us. A sort of shake-up. Like – enough with the romantick! Remember those guys who founded this band. Their heat, energy and excitement, "- says Renars Kaupers.
Authors of music and lyrics are the members of the band "Prāta Vētra" and Ingars Vilums, the producers of the album - Povel Olsson and David Larsson from Sweden. The director of the video is an old friend of the band PapaChi.

The music video for this song was shot at the Riga film studio. More than 50 people took part in its creation - among them the band "Prāta Vētra", students of the School of Drummers Andzejs Grauds, champions of kickboxing and Muay Thai the brothers Prokofievs and even a dog - the titled American Staffordshire Terrier Argus!
PapaChi: "To start working with the band "Prāta Vētra" again after some period of time felt exactly the same as connecting to a power system or to a balloon with concentrated oxygen! These guys are sparkling with amazing energy.  Work on the clip was a real holiday for me and I want more of it!"

The song is available on all the  digital streaming services and eKase.lv.
You can watch music video on BrainStorm’s Youtube channel and Facebook page.