02 Oct 2017

New song with "Ewert and The Two Dragons"

A bit more then one year has past since the moment Renars Kaupers (BrainStorm) and Evert Sundja (Ewert and The Two Dragons) lucked themselfs in Renars home kitchen and started to work on a new song. For the time being, seven co-authors have joined the two "kitchen members" and the result of the collaboration between the two bands - Ewert and The Two Dragons and BrainStorm - is the sunny song "We wait for the light".

After the demo was ready, the first recordings took place in Tallinn, after which the song got new melodic lines, but then for several months the work stuck. Swedish friends of BrainStorm - Povel Olsson and David Larson came to the rescue and gave the song it’s final touches. "We wait for the light" has been made with the power of three countries - Estonia, Latvia and Sweden! And now with great pleasure we are sending it out to the world!

Listen to the song HERE 

Title of the song: "We wait for the light"
Performed by: Ewert and The Two Dragons and BrainStorm
Producer: Povel Olsson
Published by: "Brainstorm Records Company" and "Ewert and the two dragons"
Photo: Martins Cirulis