15 Mar 2018

"BrainStorm" to performe at Crocus City Hall, Moscow

As reported earlier BrainStorm will release a new album in late April this year, partly created during the band's tour in Russia. The title of the new album is still kept secret, but the singer Renars Kaupers has given a little insight into the idea and concept of it:

"I really hope that the new album will show the mood of the "suitcase" similar to the one of the story of "The Town Musicians of Bremen". Being romantics as we are and playing for a longer time and quite many gigs we tend to get in to a comfortable feeling. But now we have the desire to shake things up a little and this desire is also a part of the title of the album where this little kid who lived in us when we were creating this band comes back to live again!"

The album will be released in Latvia and Russia at the end of April. Then in the summer the band will tour in Latvia but in Russia this album will be presented at the concert on December 13th in Crocus City Hall, Moscow.

Tickets are available from now at Crocus City Hall