14 Dec 2018

Brainstorm presents its “Wonderful Day”   album in Moscow!

On December 13, Brainstorm took to the stage at the Crocus City hall in Moscow for the first time to present their new album “Wonderful Day”. For the first time the band used all the stage show elements and production tools used at the largest arenas of their Latvian tour.

What is the difference between the presentation of this album and others? Almost all the songs form the new album “Wonderful Day” were performed during the concert and were received by the fans just as warmly and emotionally as the band’s time-tested and beloved songs. After the first leg of the tour it can be said with confidence that Brainstorm’s 13th album has found its way to the hearts of listeners in Russia.

Renārs Kaupers: “The aftertaste of the concert is like after a great New Year’s Eve. All the basic elements of the end of the year celebration were there – music, guests, stage outfits, surprises, gifts, speeches and even karaoke! The festive atmosphere was created by three displays on the stage showing a gorgeous holiday programme, two Santa Clauses form the band Bi-2 and Santa’s four granddaughters. In the morning everyone went home feeling uplifted. There is a belief that you’ll spend the New Year the way you meet it! So here’s to new meetings at the “Wonderful Day” tour concerts– let’s spend the New Year on a high note!”

Brainstorm is now preparing for their first performance in Australia, after which the band will rest for a month, during which the new “Wonderful Day” tour destinations will be announced.