27 Nov 2019

BrainStorm and Моя Мишель collaborate on Christmas song “Рождество”

With the year coming to a close, singer of the Russian band Моя Мишель Tanya Tkachuk and Renārs Kaupers have recorded a touching ballad in Russian “Рождество” – “Christmas”.

Tanya: “I fell in love with Renārs when I was 15 years old – BrainStorm’s famous song “Maybe” had just been released. I never dreamed that I would ever meet the band, but now we are friends. A few years ago I had an idea about a duet – it took a while, but now we have a very beautiful song together. I think this is the case when the voices match perfectly.”

Renārs: “A few years ago the band Моя Мишель released an excellent album, which I listened to walking around Liepaja one day. The song “Рождество” played, it was the seventh song, if I’m not mistaken. I immediately liked it, but somehow I felt that it would be great to develop it a bit more. I called Tanya and she said: “OK, try it!” Together with our bass player Ingmars we created a few themes and recorded our version of the song. Tanya liked the result and we decided to record it together in a studio in Moscow. Listening to the song, imagine that large snowflakes are falling, somewhat sleepy snowmen are walking around the streets and only one thought is on everyone’s mind – yes, Christmas is coming soon...”

Upcoming concerts:

Moscow - 04.12.2019

St. Petersburg - 06.12.2019

Kyiv - 12.12.2019

Моя Мишель – December 7 St. Petersburg, club A2 Green Concert

Listen to the song:

  1. 1) https://band.link/rozdestvo