24 Jan 2019

BrainStorm onstage in a film!

Today is the premier of the song “Motīvs” (“Мотив”), performed by BrainStorm.  Authored by Russian composer Artyom Mihaenkin, the song is included in the soundtrack of the romantic film “Seven Dinners” (“Семь Ужинов”), which will appear in cinemas on February 14 – the Valentine’s Day.

“Artem’s song will fit in well with our repertoire too. It will sound great in every country where we go on tour!” Renars Kaupers says, while other band members add: “Try to sing the chorus ‘Ta-da-da-da-da’ in various languages!”

Seven Dinners” is a comedy about a married couple on the brink of divorce that attempts to save their failing marriage by having seven unusual dinners. The film is directed by Kirill Pletnyov and stars Polina Maximov and Roman Kurtsyn.

BrainStorm not only recorded the song “Motīvs” for the soundtrack, but also appeared in the movie itself – the scene with the band’s performance is in the very end of the film and was shot last spring in one of Moscow’s parks.