29 Jan 2024

BrainStorm indroducing beer "Mītavas Cī"

It's no secret that the band "BrainStorm" has been engaged in music for years, but also makes "Mītava beer", that has been borrowed from the recipe book of the father of the group's guitarist Jānis Jubalts. This year, the band is launching a new beer called "Mītavas Cī!". The characters of the beer brand “Mītavnieki” were surprised by a miracle - rain of quinces. As a quince touches the light beer, "Cī!" was ready.

The identity of the new beer was created by BrainStorm together with the team of AS "Cēsu alus", while the new "Cī!" packaging was created by graphic designer Jānis Lauznis. The following message is on the label: "In ancient times, the men of Mītava were creative. Not because they were stronger or smarter - they simply loved beer, know how to relax properly and look for new flavors for their own brewed and beloved beer! And they get it! The new Mītava beer with a touch of quince!"

"Mītavnieki and their story is the bands "free flight" in which they make fun of themselves and each other. I always look forward to our creative meetings, when I can once again laugh at the incredible situations that Mītavnieki find themselves in. I hope that one day the bands drummer Kaspars Roga's dream film about the adventures of Mītavniek will come true," says Aija Auškāpa, member of the board of LTD "Mītavas alus" and general manager of BrainStorm/Prāta Vētra. 

Also the new "Mītavas Cī!" in the market is driven by a bright video episode in which Mītavnieki are surprised by a rain of quinces, a cat starts barking and the mustache straightens in surprise. The script of the story is written by Kaspars Roga, while the clip is directed by PapaChi. The advertisement was filmed in a scenic courtyard in city Tukums at the end of last year, participation of all the BrainStorm members - Māris Mihelsons in the role of the teacher, Renārs Kaupers and Kaspars Roga as gentlemen, and Jānis Jubalts in the role of the horse boy. The cat who has already become a friend of the Mītavnieki is created in the workshop of the caring masters of the Latvian Puppet Theater that is alive thanks to actor Miķelis Žideļūns.

Eva Sietiņsone, chairman of the board of LTD "Cēsu alus": "It is a pleasure that the attractive Mītavnieki are among the family of partners of "Cēsu alus". This beer brand and its brews have been in demand and appreciated in the market for almost 15 years and most likely consumers like it because of the taste as well as the brand's story, personalities and humor."