09 Dec 2022

BrainStorm in Estonian movie

On December 4th an adventure film "Erik Kivisüda" (Erik Stoneheart) was released in Estonia. BrainStorm leader Renārs Kaupers plays the role of a pirate and the band's song "Alive Again" was chosen as the title song of the movie.
The film is a co-production of Estonia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland and Latvia under the direction of Estonian film director Ilmar Raagi. Latvian producer Roberts Vinovskis ("Studio Locomotive") made an offer to the band to join the creation of "Erik Stoneherat" offering Renārs Kauper the role of a pirate along with the idea of composing music. In the film Kaupers plays a modern pirate named Versace. To get into the character, Renārs even dyed his hair blonde! 

“It is a great honor and privilege to give our musical touch to such an amazing feature film. We worked on a track together with the whole band as well as with our Swedish producer Povel Olsson. Of course, we also consulted with director Ilmar to create a beautiful and romantic song putting emphasis on how important it is to have friend's support getting over hard times." said Renārs Kaupers. 
The video for the song "Alive Again" is directed by the drummer of the band "Prāta Vētra" Kaspars Roga: "We are happy to be part of this movie with such a warm and empowering song. In the video for the song, we tried to show a cozy but at the same time very cinema making, recording studio-like atmosphere where you can see the movie making process as well. I think this video perfectly complements the feeling of what the film is like."


The music video for "Alive Again" is available on BrainStorm YouTube channel and the song is available on all major music streaming platforms. It is planned that in 2023 the film "Erik Stoneherat" will be released in Latvia and the title song of the film in Latvian will be a duet with a young Latvian musician. BrainStorm has previously collaborated with the main producer of the film from Estonia Riina Sildo  by writing songs for the animated films “Lotte from Gadgetville” and "Lotte and the Moonstone Secret". Thanks to “BB rental” for supporting the “Alive Again” video making process.