18 Aug 2018

With a sold out show in Mežaparks the “Skārda bungu tūre” tour has come to a end.

On this wonderful Friday night, the BrainStorm audience witnessed an incredibly epic, emotionally charged and technically flawless event that will remain in their memory for a long time thanks to the unceasing energy and enthusiasm of Renārs Kaupers and his childhood friends Kaspars Roga, Jānis Jubalts, and Māris Mihelsons that lasted for almost 3 hours. With a crowd of 60,000 spectators, the BrainStorm “Skārda bungu tūre” tour was drawn to a beautiful close at the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage.

Whether in the first or in the last row, everybody joined in singing! On social networks the concert visitors have even declared this evening to be a spectacular grand finale to the Latvian Song Festival. The performance of the maestro Raimonds Pauls was this evening’s special surprise and he was welcomed with an outstanding ovation. Together with the maestro, BrainStorm performed the song "Virši zied", just like many years ago during the Summer Solstice in the Mežotne Palace, and gathered around his grand piano dressed in light jackets with microphones in their hands. This was followed by the song “Lidmašīnas” with the addition of the legendary middle part of Raimonds Pauls’ song "Par pēdējo lapu". The performance of the song "Na Zare" with Deniss Paškevičs playing the flute had the audience under the musicians’ spell and the performance of "Mana dziesma” moved them to tears.

The concert programme of 29 songs was performed together with the musicians Ingars Viļums, Povel Olsson, Magnus Nilsson and the band The Royal Concept, Deniss Paškevičs, Nellija Bubujanca, Arstarulsmirus, Marina Kravets (Марина Кравец), the BrainStorm Gospel Choir, the warm-up band Sudden Lights, and the duo Musiqq, with whom BrainStorm share the hit “Debesis iekrita”. The gig was enriched by the videographics created by PapaChi and Kaspars Roga and concluded with an epic performance of “Tu izvēlējies palikt”, as well as breathtaking fireworks above the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage. This evening will forever remain in both BrainStorm’s and their fans’ memories as a moment when the stage and the audience merged into one with a united feeling of being alive in the moment.

During the “Skārda bungu tūre” tour, BrainStorm visited 5 Latvian cities: Jelgava, Valmiera, Ventspils, Daugavpils and Riga, attracting a total of more than 125 thousand spectators, whose love has energised the BrainStorm musicians who will now head further abroad with autumn gigs in Vilnius, Tallinn, Minsk, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow, and at the end of the year also in Adelaide, Australia.

BrainStorm says a big warm thank you to everyone who was a part of these 5 magical evenings and invites everyone to meet up again next summer in Liepaja.

A big thank you also to the friends and supporters of the tour: Neste, ERGO, eKase.lv, Karlo Motors, Samsung Galaxy S9, Mītavas alus, CleanR, s/c Spice, DSV. Media supporters: Delfi, TV3, Radio SWH, the newspaper Diena and OK! magazine.

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