14 Jun 2018

BrainStorm in Sanktpetersburg

On 29th of November ""BrainStorm will return to Saint Petersburg’s stage in the club "A2 Green Concert" with their new programme Wonderful Day.

About the album:

On 25th of April the band released their 13th record, with the title "Wonderful Day". It features four songs in Russian and five songs in English, as well as one song in Latvian. A month after the album came out, BrainStorm released another new single Когда весна. For the visual design of the new album, BrainStorm have yet again collaborated with the legendary photographer and director Anton Corbijn.

BrainStorm members:

“Seven grown up men came together and decided to record an album about the boys who created this band many years ago.  Apparently, we succeeded in striking the right melody and rhythm, and re-ignited the flame of passion in ourselves. We’re sure that this heat will be felt not only by BrainStorm fans but also lovers of simply good, from-the-heart music”, say the members of the band.

The first single of the new BrainStorm record became a duet with the only female resident of Comedy Club – Marina Kravec (Марина Кравец) – Как я искал тебя, which came out in the autumn of 2017. The day before the record was to be released, which happened to be International Space Exploration Day, BrainStorm released an incredibly beautiful videoclip for the song Wonderful Day, parts of which were filmed at the International Space Station by the Roscosmos astronaut Sergey Ryazansky (Серге́й Рязанский). The vernal part of the BrainStorm album was marked by the release of the powerful clip of the song Когда весна, which was immediately featured on Russian radio stations and was the headliner of the band’s summer concert set.

The programme for presentation of the Wonderful Day album will feature not only new songs, but also well known hits. More information coming very soon!

You can buy tickets HERE