05 Jul 2019

BrainStorm and Kasta make a video “About Sex”

Today BrainStorm and Russian rap group Kasta (Каста ) are publishing a video for a song with an intriguing name – “About sex” (“Про секс”). The video – a guide for youths and their parents to talking about “it” – was filmed in Moscow this June. It was directed by Mikhail Sigal (Михаил Сигал), who has previously made videos for famous Russian bands like Splin (Сплин), Nochnye Snaipery (Ночные снайперы), Bi-2 (Би-2), as well as several for Kasta itself. 

Renārs Kaupers, BrainStorm’s frontman: “Sitting at a hotel late in the evening with Vladi from Kasta and brainstorming about the theme for our song, Jānis lit up a flare. He recalled his dad’s birthday, when the father asked his sons whether there was something they hadn’t discussed. Being in a good mood, Jānis asked: “Dad, but why didn’t you tell us anything about sex?” His dad blushed a bit and joked back: “You have two older brothers, didn’t they tell you about it?” We embraced the theme and things got moving. Seriously and with humour. Also about how during our teenage years we didn’t have substantial conversations with our parents about this touchy subject. But doesn’t a responsible and considered continuation of the world start with just such a conversation?”

Jānis Jubalts, BrainStorm’s guitarist: "The song has a play on words with “sex” and “manufactory”. Vladi told us that, when discussing the song with his son, the boy said: “I know everything about sex, but what is a manufactory?”

The video stars actors Alina Dulova (Алина Дулова) and Gleb Efremov (Глеб Ефремов). 

Vladi from Kasta:“While recording the song, it became clear that it is a real problem – how to start a conversation with a child about sex? It has always been a taboo subject in Russian families. The song “About sex” could come in handy to many parents for starting such a conversation.”

The song will premiere at BrainStorm’s concert on July 12 at Roof Place in St Petersburg. The song will also be performed live at BrainStorm’s concert at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on December 4.