06 Oct 2021


BrainStorm is releasing a new album “Lonesome Moon” in an extraordinary new format. Work on the concert movie went on for several months in a specially built studio, where the new songs were recorded live. With multimedia scenery, vibrant drama, huge production, professional dancers, neon makeup, acrobats and even a real horse – BrainStorm have prepared a real online musical show.

The special guests of the concert are well known Russian actor Alexander Petrov, who also wrote the lyrics for the song "Moya Luna" and will join the band on a video call during the live-stream of the show, Latvian rapper ansis and famous folk-pop band Tautumeitas, as well as Brainstorm’s friends Dons and Intars Busulis.

The concert set-list includes already well-known singles from the upcoming album - "" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feels", "Carousels" and "Moya Luna", as well as completely new tracks and songs in Latvian.

The full set-list of the concert: "Eto ljubovj", "Bumaznije samaloti", "God bez kalendarja", "" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feels", "Moya Luna (feat. Alexander Petrov)", "" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Karuselji", "Footsteps", "Za stenoj, "" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Tur, kur Dieva kamanas slīd","Dzelzceļnieks".

The premiere of the concert movie "Lonesome Moon" will take place on October 21 at 20:00 at the www.brainstormfeels.com.

Tickets of different categories: "ONLINE-STREAM ", "ONLINE-STREAM + MEET'N'GREET", “ONLINE-STREAM + SIGNED VINYL” are available now.

You can watch a teaser and backstage photos from the filming of the concert on the brainstormfeels.com  website and on the band's social media to catch the vibe of the show and prepare for the whole concert feel. The stage designer and director of the concert movie is the drummer of BrainStorm Kaspars Roga, who previously has shot many other videos for the band: “Feels”, “Veter”, “Wonderful Day”, “Thunder Without Rain”, as well as a number of documentaries.

Kaspars Roga: “This will be a double premiere for BrainStorm - firstly, the format itself, and secondly, the guys are dancing there for the first time! This is a challenge for all of us - we had to convince the guys to dance, and then I had to mount the video in such way that kept every drop of this fantastic atmosphere - live music, dance and Renars' vocals. It turned out cool!".

The concert movie "Lonesome Moon" is a search for new genres and going beyond the boundaries of the usual forms. The audience of the concert will consist of several dozen countries and hundreds of cities. This is a great experiment and a step into the future. On the May of this year, the band released their first book, the biography novel “You Are Not Alone“, and now ready to start from scratch.

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