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07 November, 2016

“I’m electrifying” a new song by Renars Kaupers and Saulius Prusaitis

We are glad to announce that a new duo has been born! Our own Renars Kaupers and the magnificent Saulius Prūsaitis from Lithuania have created a song called “I’m electrifying”. 

The song is included in the newest album by Saulius Prūsaitis that has been released in Lithuania today.

Renars Kaupers:
Last year we had a guest performance in Lithuanian “X factor” where Saulius was one of the judges and that’s  where we met for the first time. He invited us to his studio where he has gathered such a great equipment and somehow, straight away, we felt that we are ‘on the same path’ and we could do something together musically. Saulius already had and idea for the song and we decided to record it together and invited talented Latvian producer Gatis Zaķis to join our team. We had a great time and a lot of fun while working on the song here in Riga and also while recording it in Vilnius. Saulius is such an energizer, I did my best and Gatis helped to wrap and pack the song into a tune we hear today. We hope that the audience will like it and it will inspire them to become more electrified to enjoy this wonderful day we are living here and now.
I met Renars last year in Lithuanian X Factor. Of course I knew “Brainstorm”, but didn’t know Renars personally. After meeting him I had a feeling we really click and maybe we can record a song together. Later I sent a rough copy of the song to him and came for few days to Riga, to do all prerecord job. I was really excited  to work with Gatis Zakis – such a great producer. The record took place in Vilnius in my own studio “White Face”. We had really amazing time together. Renars is not only very professional singer, he also has such a light and warm personality. It was really a special day  to have him in my studio. The song “I’m electrifying”  is exactly what we wanted. The song is not written for the purpose to proof something, it’s just an expression who we are and how we feel.
 ”I’m electrifying” music and words – Saulius Prusaitis and Renars Kaupers. Producer – Gatis Zakis. Recorded in “White Face” studio (Vilnius)

You can listen to the song on Youtube and buy it in Ekase.lv